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27. Feb. - 10. Mar. 2018

A strong story of desire, belief, doubt, myths and murder.

Venue Republique, Small Stage
Language Danish
Price 80-195 DKK
Times Mon-Fri 8 PM, Sat 4 PM
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The Danes have travelled out into the world, curious and seduced by the unknown and exoctic but also greedy to get more wealth. During several hundred years, sugar was sent from the colonies of Danish West Indies to Denmark. In 1878, the greatest labor revolt in Danish history broke out on St. Croix – but was since “forgotten” in the writing of Danish history. Why?

SUGAR is the first part of the trilogy A Nation’s Self Hatred – Denmark between Shame and Smugness. In a physical and visual theatre language, we perform a story about Denmark’s dark past, filled with belief, doubt, desire, myths, and murder.

Theatre company Det Olske Orkester makes experimenting, physical theatre performances and has been given several awards, among others a Reumert for their show Dengang vi blev væk in 2013.

  • Guest performance by

    Det Olske Orkester in co-production with Republique

  • Concept

    Det Olske Orkester

  • Script & Direction

    Lotte Faarup

  • Light & Set Design

    Jeppe Lawaetz


Det Olske Orkester's Ensemble