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An angry podcast in collaboration with Third Ear.

Venue TBA
Language Danish
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Times TBA
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Anger is dangerous. It is scarry, unpleasant – and can feel fucking good. Actor Thomas Hwan wants to recover the anger, its wild energy and what it can lead to.

The Danish podcast collective Third Ear is famous for bringing exhilarating suspence directly in the ears of their listeners. In a visual world, they made sound cool again. Together, Third Ear and Thomas Hwan creates a podcast that can relight the wrath and make it pump in your body.


The show is site-specific somewhere in Copenhagen with Thomas Hwan’s voice in your ear. Place and time TBA.

7 DEADLY SINS is a theatre series in which Republique during the course of two years explores the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger, and sloth. Seven artistic teams present each their interpretation of one of the sins.
This season we show GLUTTONY, WRATH, ENVY, SLOTH and LUST. GREED and PRIDE were shown last season.
7 DEATHLY SINS is made possible with generous support from Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.

  • Idea, Concept & Text

    Thomas Hwan & Third Ear

  • Speak

    Thomas Hwan