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22. Sep. - 6. Oct. 2017

Why do we keep on living?

Venue Republique, Small Stage
Language Danish
Price 80-195 DKK
Times Thur-Fri 8 PM, Sat 5 PM
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A woman comes home. She cooks, eats, does the dishes. She surfs the internet, reads the news. The radio is on. She is alone, she doesn’t say a word. We see her but she doesn’t see us. She just does what she always does – what else should she do?

In her shows, Serbian dirctor Anja Suša examines life in the Western part of the world. SLOTH asks whether we are at all alive – and why we keep the world going.

SLOTH is based on the play Wunschkonzert by Westgerman playwright Franz Xaver Kroetz.


Many thanks to Marie Louise Wille for her great commitment and for the development of the show together with the director. Originally Marie Louise Wille should have played the role, but unfortunately she is sick. Therefore, the role is now played by Xenia Noetzelmann.

7 DEADLY SINS is a theatre series in which Republique during the course of two years explores the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger, and sloth. Seven artistic teams present each their interpretation of one of the sins.
This season we show GLUTTONY, WRATH, ENVY, SLOTH and LUST. GREED and PRIDE were shown last season.
7 DEATHLY SINS is made possible with generous support from Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.



  • Director

    Anja Suša

  • Translation

    Olga Ravn, Sanna Albjørk & Marie Louise Wille

  • Set Design

    Helga Bumsch

  • Costume Design

    Maja Mirkovic

  • Dramaturg

    Tom Silkeberg

  • Light Design

    Christoffer Gulløv

  • Songs

    Trampolinhusets kor


Xenia Noetzelmann